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What is the Residential Action Program (RAP)?

The Rental Property Remedial Action Program (RAP) is an ordinance adopted by the City of Salisbury. RAP is for residential rental property owners whose rental property demonstrates an unacceptable level of disorder and/or criminal activity occurring on or in the property as in NC General Statute 160A-424.

Who drafted the Ordinance?

Do I have to participate?

This voluntary registration process will allow the City of Salisbury to provide timely email notification to keep property owners and managers aware of situations/disorder activity on their property.

How do I participate?

To participate an owner, who is defined as the person, persons or legal entity that holds legal title to a Residential Rental Property must provide their name, business and personal contact information (no public or private post office boxes) and an email address.

Contact Us

RAP Officer

Karen Barbee
(704) 638-7586

132 N. Main St.
Salisbury, NC 28144

Rental Property Registration

What do I need to know?

he following outlines the appropriate owner and contact information required for multiple owners or LLC owners of rental properties located within the City limits of Salisbury.

  • Multiple owners: the person who has  the legal authority to act on behalf of  the other owners
  • Corporation: a registered agent  and/or officer who has the authority  to act on behalf of the corporation
  • Partnership: the managing partner  and one alternative who have the  legal authority to act on behalf of the  partnership
  • Unincorporated association or other  entity: a person who has the legal  authority to act on behalf of the  association or entity
If a property management company is responsible for managing the property, list the company name, address, telephone number, email address and name of contact person.

How do I register?

Fill out the online form at

If you have questions, contact us during regular business hours.

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