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Keep Salisbury streets litter-free! Become part of a network that cleans up miles of city streets through this grassroots litter removal program.

Did you know?

  • Truck beds and tipped roll out bins cause a large percent of litter in our neighborhoods.
  • Litter decreases property values, diminishes community appearance, and promotes the presence of more litter.
  • Wastes on the roadways attract unwanted pests which can lead to roadkill.

Want to Adopt-A-Street Now?


Contact Us

Staff Liaison

Stephen Brown
(704) 638-4481

As an Adopt-a-Street volunteer you will receive:

  • One street adoption at a time for the first year
  • Two "adoption" signs with your name installed along the adopted route
  • Clean up supplies (litter pickers, gloves & safety vests loaned for the duration of volunteer service)

Your responsibilities as an Adopt-A-Street volunteer include:

  • Submitting a report after each clean up
  • Begin collecting within three months of signing your contract and maintain a minimum of one cleanup/month for a two-year commitment
  • Some organizations have the option to commit to a year-long contract
  • Removal of illegal signs along your roadway
  • Additional opportunities include storm drain marking and graffiti spotting
  • Only city maintained streets can be adopted, to learn about state road adoption please visit NCDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program

Adopt-A-Street cleanups:

  • Tangibly demonstrate civic pride in your community
  • Contribute to our overall economic development
  • Serve as an impressive reminder to the public not to litter the roadways or ignore our environment

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