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Get Involved in Local Government


The City of Salisbury has 13 active, standing boards and commissions created and appointed by Salisbury City Council.


Board terms are staggered for 2-year or 3-year terms and most end on March 31. Applicants must be 18 and a Salisbury resident, with some exceptions.


Applications, both online and print, are accepted on a continual basis and kept on file for consideration in the event a vacancy occurs. Application for the Police Citizens Advisory Board can be found here.

Online Application


The City of Salisbury wants you!

You are invited to an inside look at your city government as an member of the this year's Salisbury Citizens Academy.

Visit Salisbury Citizen's Academy

Keep Salisbury streets litter-free! Become part of a network that cleans up miles of city streets through this grassroots litter removal program.

Did you know?

  • Truck beds and tipped roll out bins cause a large percent of litter in our neighborhoods.
  • Litter decreases property values, diminishes community appearance, and promotes the presence of more litter.
  • Wastes on the roadways attract unwanted pests which can lead to roadkill.

Want to Adopt-A-Street Now?


Community Action Planning

In order to reach our shared community goals, the City of Salisbury implemented the Community Action Planning program. Over 20 stakeholders were asked to assist in goal development and identified the following four areas of focus to move Salisbury forward:

Public Safety: Safer neighborhoods and healthier communities

Opportunities for Children and Youth: Increased high school graduation rate

Improved Community Relations: With the City and Law Enforcement

Workforce Development: Improved employment opportunities

Residents and community stakeholders are encouraged to continue to be part of the ongoing process, sign up to be on an action team and attend future sessions.

Learn More


Image of man volunteering with kid's recreation program

What can I do to make a difference?

The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department has a variety of volunteer opportunities available throughout the year. Volunteer positions are available within our youth and adult programs, athletics, special events and more.

Volunteer Application with Background Screening

Volunteer Opportunities

Youth and Adult Programs

Describe the volunteer opportunity here. Whatever people need to know.

Special Events

Civic groups and students needing credits for school classes may be considered on a one-on-one basis.


Image of coach with youth soccer team

I want to do what I love and help others at the same time!

The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department holds several leagues throughout the year including youth basketball and cheerleading, adult and co-ed softball as well as clinics and camps. We are continually seeking energetic, friendly and capable folks to coach these leagues.

Coach Application with Background Screening

Sponsorship Opportunities

Youth Basketball

Describe the sponsorship opportunity here. Whatever people need to know.
  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old and complete and pass a volunteer background screening
  • Timeframe: Fall and Winter
  • Contact: Steve Clark (704) 638-5286

Youth Cheerleading

  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old and complete and pass a volunteer background screening
  • Timeframe: Fall and Winter
  • Contact: Steve Clark (704) 638-5286

Adult and Co-Ed Softball

  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old and complete and pass a volunteer background screening
  • Timeframe: Fall and Winter
  • Contact: Steve Clark (704) 638-5286

Clinics and Camps

  • Requirements: Must be at least 18 years old and complete and pass a volunteer background screening
  • Timeframe: Fall and Winter
  • Contact: Steve Clark (704) 638-5286


Image of sponsors

How can I give back to my community?

Our parks are the backyards for more than 30,000 residents. These green places to play and relax add to the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to maintaining and improving these havens.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Salisbury Greenway

All funds collected for the Salisbury Greenway go directly to the upkeep and expansion of the Greenway. These funds repair the paved paths, build fencing, build bridges and allow us to add Greenway connectors throughout the City.

Dog PAWs Dog Park

The Dog PAWs Dog Park is a collaborative effort between the Dog PAWs Task Force and the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department to build Salisbury’s first dog park.

All funds collected for the Dog PAWs Dog Park go directly to the construction of Salisbury’s first dog park. These funds will build a fence, add water stations, add shrubbery and trees as well as build doggy play areas within the park. Funds will also go towards the upkeep and repair of the dog park once it is built.

Hurley Park

Elizabeth Holmes Hurley Park is an 18-acre public park composed of woodlands, streams, gardens and quiet pathways. From its beginning, Elizabeth Holmes Hurley Park has been a joint venture between public and private interests.

A generous donation in memory of Elizabeth Holmes Hurley from her husband - J.F. Hurley Jr. - and her sons - James Franklin, III, Haden Holmes and Gordon Pannill Hurley - allowed for special, high-quality amenities and plantings, as well as an ambitious schedule for the park's development.

Many gardens, trees and furnishings have been dedicated in memory or honor of individuals or groups. Contributions of any amount will be gratefully accepted for long term maintenance of the park. Development of the park is based on a master plan, so all major gifts are reviewed by the staff.


Image of sponsors

Invest in the community while gaining brand recognition!

Sponsors play an important role in our department by allowing us to offer high quality programs to the community at little to no cost

All sponsorship agreements can be customized to meet your business needs. Contact us and see how you can get involved. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

General Sponsorship

A general sponsorship made to Salisbury Parks and Recreation allows us to allocate money to where we feel it is best fit.

Special Events

The Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department hosts approximately 20 recurrent special events per year and we are always looking to add new and diverse programs to the list. The majority of these special events are offered to the public at little to no cost.

Capitol Projects

Park, facility and equipment maintenance and replacement are all vital to the daily operations of the Salisbury Parks and Recreation Department.

Dog PAWs Dog Park

Each dollar given to build the dog park is designated to a special feature within the park. From the bricks that build the walls to the trees that create shade, each element within the park is essential.

  • Phase 1
    Item Cost
    980 L.F. Black Vinyl Covered Fence, Inc. 9 Gates $16,350.00
    Entry System including Camera and Wireless Service $13,130.00
    4 Benches $2,800.00
    Meter and RPZ Installation $2,500.00
    1 Drinking Fountains Inc. Water Station $800.00
    3 Dog Waste Stations $84.00
    3 Trash Cans $1,950.00
    Electrical (Duke Power tie in) $2,000.00
    Seeding / New Lawn $2,500.00
    Contingency $2,000.00
  • Phase 2
    Item Cost
    5 Pipe 36 in. diameter $265.00
    4 Pipe 24 in. diameter $136.00
    1 Drinking Fountains including Water Station $800.00
    3 Dog Waste Station $84.00
    3 Trash Cans $1,800.00
    8 Benches $5,600.00
    6 Shade Trees 4.5 – 5 in. caliper $6,000.00
    10 Osmanthus 7 gallon $700.00
  • Contact: Stephen Brown (704) 638-4481

Starting A Program

Kids playing games in swimming pool
Volunteers walking down street at BlockWork event
Volunteers walking down street at BlockWork event

We need you! Do you have a class that you would like to teach through Salisbury Parks and Recreation? Here’s how – submit a program proposal to us with all the details about your program. We will review the proposal to see where and how your program would best fit into our existing program line-up. Once we review your proposal, we will contact you to set up a one on one meeting to further discuss your program.

Please note that we run three program seasons per year. Proposals for the Winter/Spring Season (Jan-Apr) must be completed and submitted in by October 14, for the Summer Season (May-Aug) by February 14 1, and for the Fall Season (Sept-Dec) by June 14. All program instructors must undergo a volunteer background screening.

Print Program Proposal Form

Program Proposal Requirements Program Budget Proposal

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